2 Kruger National Park employees were left traumatized after leopard attack on separate residents

An employee at the Kruger National Park was left traumatized after he was attacked by a leopard en route to work in the early morning of Sunday 17 July. The South African National Parks (SANParks) said the employee was from the Shalati Concession when he was attacked by a leopard.

It is alleged that this is the second incident where a worker has been attacked by a leopard in the recent past in the Kruger National Park (KNP).

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The park said after the employee fought off the leopard and shouted for help, it disappeared into the nearby bush.

After fighting off the leopard and shouting for help, the animal disappeared into the surrounding bush. The injured worker was rushed to the doctor for treatment. He suffered deep lacerations and trauma but the injuries are understood not to be life threatening.

In a statement, the park said an operation was immediately launched by the Rangers Corps and the Airwing to search the immediate vicinity for the animal. The animal was then spotted 30 metres from where the incident took place and was duly destroyed.

Since the first incident every effort had been made to try and capture the leopard but without success. Given the location of the incident- we suspect that the destroyed leopard is the same animal responsible for the first attack but we can never be sure. Residents and employees must be extra vigilant and avoid walking alone at all times.

said Head Ranger Cathy Dreyer

The leopard has been delivered to the State Vets to undertake a post-mortem.

Jerry Mabena, the CEO of Motsamayi Tourism Group – who are the owners of Kruger Shalati and Kruger Station said they were shocked by the tragic incident but they are grateful that the employees survived the ordeal.

We were shocked by this tragic incident, we are very relieved that our colleague survived this ordeal. We, together with the Management team at the concession, are committed to his recovery and will support the process in both physical and emotional wellbeing by all means. This incident is a reminder to all that wild animals in their natural habitat act on nature’s rules – we remain respectful to our presence in their territory, while ensuring the safety of our staff as well as the conservation we are here to protect as concessionaires.


Mabena said they support the investigation by SANParks to determine the cause of this unusual behaviour by a leopard.

nk the medical support staff who acted fast, and SANParks for their support in the incident. We wish our colleague a speedy recovery and look forward to his return to work once fully recovered

he added