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Noos Today is an unbiased news website. Our platform offers a neutral voice and provides high-quality current affairs content. Our platform takes no favours or preference to either side of the story. We deliver the news as raw and truthful as it should be.

Our news site is devoted to battling misinformation while rebuilding trust in legitimate journalism. Noos Today supplies our readers with the best, latest, and fact-checked news. We stay on top of the latest trends in the world.

We are South Africa’s independent premium news source, we bring the latest crime, political, Wildlife crime, opinion, and analysis on Local, National, world, Africa, entertainment, weather & more.
Nevertheless, in an era where fake news is gaining ground, public trust in the media is in a state of flux. We are dedicated to providing high-quality news content. Our Investigative journalists analyse information and carry out in-depth research to reveal the truth, fact-check, and shed light on issues affecting our country and the world. We boast a team of award-winning journalists in our arsenal.