Disadvantage learners enjoy mobile science lab amid COVID-19

The Royal bakaNgomane helped destitute pupils enjoy mobile Science and Maths lab.

It was a joyous week when matric pupils from a COVID-19 affected area received technological resources to help them catch up with their maths and science syllabuses.

The learners from Ntiyi Secondary School outside Mpumalanga’s capital city, Mbombela were treated to a maths and science mobile lab camp between September 10 and 13.

“The camp was arranged to help the pupils cope with the devastating impact of Covid-19 as far as their schoolwork was concerned,” said Inkhosikati laMdluli, from the Royal BakaNgomane Foundation, which has adopted the school.

Inkhosikati laMdluli told Noos Today that the Covid-19 challenges included a lack of resources and limited access to the internet.

“Children from affluent schools in the capital city enjoyed online lessons via Skype or Zoom since the beginning of the terrible pandemic. We had to do something to assist, so we worked a group of different sponsors whose contributions truly offered a helping hand in this regard,” she said.

Inkhosikati laMdluli said some children find it hard to work in isolation because of heavy household duties.

“The camp was a necessity and we have seen great improvements,” she said.

The sponsors included NGO Penreach, Trellidor, Spilamart Training, Bonnie Africa Development, Khosithini Artisan Training, and TFO.

The 23 pupils at the school managed to observe social distancing because of their low headcount.

One of the learners from Ntiyi Secondary School expressed her gratitude towards the kind gesture.

“What they have done for us show love and care, if we can continue to show that we want to succeed, it is up to us now if we use this to our advantage. All need to do is to push on our exams. We are thankful for this opportunity.” said the optimistic learner.