Firearm Amnesty extended by Parliament

Illegal firearm owners have been given a second chance with the new Firearm Amnesty period effecting from 1 August 2020 until 31 January 2021.

A new Firearm Amnesty for six months, commencing today, 1 August 2020 until 31 January 2021, had been recently approved by Parliament.

Safety authorities said the previous amnesty period which was also intended for six months, between December 2019 and May 2020 was thwarted by the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this, the South African Police Service received a resounding 46 714 firearms.

“We believe that there are much more firearms out there that still need to be surrended and we are confident the response to the previous amnesty would have been even more resounding if it were not for the pandemic”

The South African Police Service explained that the restrictions of Levels 5 and 4 had prevented people from turning in illegal as well as their unlicensed and unwanted firearms and ammunition.

The approval of the new application has since been published in the Government Gazette on 31 July 2020 which now allows all persons with illegal or unwanted firearms as well as ammunition to hand them in at their nearest police station.

“We are urging people to take advantage of this period either to hand in those firearms and ammunition either for destruction or renewal of a competency certificate and a valid licence”

SAPS further expressed that the Firearm Amnesty provides firearm owners with the opportunity to hand in illegal and unwanted firearms which will result in the prevention of crime and promotion of safety to ensure people living in South Africa are and feel safe.