Four Mpumalanga police stations close its doors as Covid 19 cases continue to rise

Four Mpumalanga police stations close its doors as Covid 19 cases continue rise

Several police stations in Mpumalanga have been forced to temporary close down due to staff members testing positive for the Covid 19 virus.

The police stations namely, Delmas, Emerlo, Middelburg and Piet Retief were shut down this week respectively, leaving the community devastated as services and operation move to other parts of the community such as churches and community centres.

“All communities serviced by the Delmas, Emerlo, Middelburg and Piet Retief police station, are advised that the police stations will be temporarily closed due to the confirmed cases of members who tested positive for the Covid-19,” said police spokesperson Brigadier Leonard Hlathi.

Hlathi added that the telephone lines at these police stations will not be accessible for the duration of closure; however service delivery will not be hampered as alternative communication has been put in place.

In Delmas, the Community Service Centre is currently operating at the FC Dumat Building corner of Sarel Celliers and Lawa Street which is close by the police station for the convenience of the community.

Meanwhile, all communities serviced by the Piet Retief police station will now be operated at the Cluster Office, 1 Kruger Street Mkhondo the office situated few meters below SASSA Offices.

Furthermore, the community serviced by the Ermelo police will now be operated from the office of the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences.

In addition, the community serviced by the Middelburg SAPS Detective Branch are advised that their offices have been temporarily closed, however, the police station’s main building is functional and the community can access services freely.

The Mpumalanga Safety Authorities have apologised for any inconvenience that may arise from this. Hlathi expressed that all affected buildings will be decontaminated and services will resume normally at the station as soon as possible.