Funeral parlors targeted by criminals

Mpumalanga police have launched a manhunt for business robbery suspects targeting funeral parlors at Nelspruit and surrounding areas.

In all of these parlors, the suspects made away with an undisclosed amount of money.

According to police information, the first funeral parlor was robbed in Nelspruit CBD by two armed suspects.

Police said a preliminary investigation indicates that the suspects pounced on an administration clerk who was alone in an office. Upon entering the premises, they demanded money at gunpoint before fleeing the scene.

Meanwhile, the second incident also took place in Nelspruit, where two armed robbers entered the premises and found an administration clerk helping two clients.

They threatened her and the clients with firearms then took money belonging to the business as well as from one of the clients.

Police also revealed that another funeral parlor was robbed outside Nelspruit, where employees on duty were accosted by two men who entered the business under the false pretense that they desired to sign up for funeral policies.

Whilst the administration staff members were busy explaining, the suspects drew firearms and pointed the employees.

The suspects locked them in the storeroom, took the money then absconded the scene.

The provincial commissioner General Mondli Zuma says these robberies are alarming serious concerns in the province.

He further urged the funeral parlor owners to strengthen their security measures when banking or collecting money from clients.