I am scared to leave the house says Gender based violence victim

A 32-year-old Namsa Sibisi is asking for protection from the police after she was brutally assaulted allegedly by her husband

The victim from Standerton said she is currently hiding at home fearing for her life after the husband was given free bail by the police.

With the current GBV pandemic in the country, the 32-year-old expressed that she feels the police have failed her as this marks the second week after he was released from police custody for no reason.

Sibisi said women are still not taken seriously and continue to die in the hands of men.

“The police are biased when it comes to Gender-Based Violence, my husband is a well-known man and I do not know what deal he made with the police to be released without any reason. I am even scared to leave the house because my abuser is currently roaming around the streets,” said devastated Sibisi.

She explained that police are doing little to help fight GBV and women continue to suffer and die in the hands of the people who claim to love.

“I have no one to fight for me, I plead with the police to treat my case with the sensitivity it carries. Abusers are criminals and they must be treated as the criminals that they are,” added the victim.

Meanwhile, police in Mpumalanga said they have changed the investigation officer after the suspect was released on free bail and an internal investigation has been launched.