Kim Kardashian West says she will stand by husband Kanye West through thick and thin

Kim Kardashian says she will support husband Kanye West through thick and thin.

The couple has been going through troubles in their marriages. Last month Kanye had a meltdown on Twitter and claimed Kim had tried to lock her up and that they wanted to abort their first child North (7).

Recently the couple and their four kids went on a trip to the Dominican Republic on a mission to try and work on their marriage.

A source has revealed that the trip worked in favor of their marriage and they are on to a good path. The source also revealed that quarantine had been hard on Kanye West resulting in him taking to twitter to vent out.

The couple who married in 2014 are believed to already be on much better terms after their vacation, but it’s thought they still have a long road ahead of them before all their issues are resolved.