Female Farmer Breaks COVID-19 Stereotype

For many South Africans, there have not been any feel-good announcements in the last few months. While COVID 19 has taken the much needed to live with from the world, for Eva Zwane it has given her the opportunity to give birth to an ever green vegetable farm.

Born and bred in Mpumalanga’s Daggakraal, Zwane said her breakthrough came during the most difficult time in the history of the country when COVID19 is forcing hunger and job loss to people. 

The 31 year old finished her qualifications in Crop Production in Agriculture (2014) at the Agricultural College in Mbombela, Mpumalanga, through a good samaritan who paid from her studies.

Zwane said her decision to study agriculture was influenced by her poor background, she expressed that some days were worse having to go to bed on an empty stomach, made her want to work in food production. 

The Mpumalanga born entrepreneur said an opportunity came in this year when she reached out to a local business woman who offered to give her a 4 hectare bush which was behind her house. Filled with ecstasy in her voice, Zwane told Noos Today that the family agreed to assist her start her farming business.

The planting of crops started in the beginning of June 2020 during the lock period.

During the interview, she explained that before this opportunity, her life took a sharp turn for the worse as she could not be accepted for any jobs and internships.

“I have never had any opportunities in farming ever since the day I graduated, not even an internship. This for me is a miracle, I honestly did not expect all this goodness. Life has been extremely challenging,” said Zwane.

The Mpumalanga female farmer is producing cabbage, two different types of spinach, beetroot, lettuce, chilies, green paper and onion. 

Zwane says her biggest dream is to penetrate the biggest supermarkets and food outlets in and outside South Africa. She has further advised you people to never stop believing in their own capabilities.

Zwane is currently working with 10 people, five men and five women.