Mpumalanga health department launches a COVID19 Clinic-Based

Mkhondo- The Mpumalanga Department of Health has launched a Clinic-Based Approach programme to tackle COVID19 and prevent fatalities in Mkhondo Local Municipality on Tuesday.

According to the MEC, Sasekani Manzini, the aim of the programme is to pay attention to those living with chronic illnesses that may be underlying factors which can contribute to the cause of death in COVID19 patients.

 “We are launching this programme as we are moving the approach towards fighting COVID19 from the wards to the clinics in order to reach the grassroots levels. We appreciate the ward-based approach that was launched that was launched in terms of dealing with COVID19, but we want to take it down to the down to a clinic level, hence today we are launching the Clinic-bases-Approach we want use the data that we have at a clinic level,” Manzini said.

The MEC said that this strategy is to maintain the low number of infections in the province and to continue curbing the spread of the COVID19.

“We want to take the data and see the patients that are at risk of dying if they were to be infected with COVID19. We will be working hand in hand with community health workers to ensure targeted screening of the elders who have chronic illnesses and those with core morbidities, using the data that we have from each and every clinic.” said the MEC

Manzini said the Clinic-Based Approach is going to take the entire Mpumalanga community to  work together in the mission  to curb the COVID19 spread.

“This approach will be properly executed if every community stakeholder gets involved and the communication is clearly put and such are religious leaders, traditional healers will also assist us in communicating and curbing this virus,” Manzini said.

Manzini said that this approach also applied farm communities where in the past have been struggling to get clinics.

“We have data from the different farms in our province, this is in terms of how many people are visiting our facilities and how many people have core morbidities because the plan is to reach every corner with our mobile clinics as part of our approach in making sure that the number of infection is reduced in the province, Manzini added. 

Manzini said that the best place to communicate covid19 to communities is a clinic.

 “This is a programme that will roll out in all the clinics because we want all our people to know what COVID19 is and how to prevent yourself. We are launching this approach because it is at a lower level where it is easy for our people to understand what we are talking about. We are launching this programme

Manzini urged those with chronic illnesses to continue caring for their health.

“Those that have chronic illnesses should continue to take their medication so that when COVID19 hits them, it does not overtake them for death.