Nkomazi Mayor disappointed over 27 million COVID 19 tender fraud investigation

Nkomazi Mayor has expressed disappointed over COVID 19 tender fraud following Hawks investigation.

Nkomazi Mayor, Johan Mkhatswa says they are eagerly waiting on the hawk’s investigation outcomes over the alleged COVID 19 tender fraud worth 27 million.

The Mayor Johan Mkhatshwa was speaking during a virtual State of the Municipal Address today.

Mkhatshwa expressed disappointment that when they were struggling as an epicenter of vivid 19 they were left by themselves with no support.

“It is very sad that we struggled as a municipality and made fun off, the funds we have spent are way less than what other municipalities have used thus far, however, we are being investigated and they are not. We will wait for the outcomes of the hawks.”

Last most of the hawks conducted a search and seizure operation on the Mpumalanga municipality concerning covid19 alleged procurement fraud where appointments of service providers were inconsistent with the requisite procurement regulations.

The hawks confirmed that no arrests have been made at this stage. Documents were seized to assist with the investigation.

Hawks spokesperson Brigadier, Hanguani Mulaudzi said “Follows investigation concerning alleged COVID19 procument fraud wherein the appointment of contractors and service providers were inconsistent with the requisite procument regulation”.