Police recover a stolen vehicle at the border hidden in a truck

Police recover a stolen vehicle at the border hidden in a truck, suspect arrested.

According to reports, the police at the border were busy with their duties when they noticed a suspicious white One Turner Truck with a Mozambican registration number plate fully loaded with traditional brooms.

The members became concerned and were convinced that there might be something sinister about the truck. The driver was not available and members got information that he had gone to SARS offices to complete certain documents required when crossing the border with goods,” said Colonel Donald Mdhluli.

The incident, which was captured on a video that is going viral on social media platforms, occurred in the afternoon of, Saturday 05 December 2020. It is believed that the driver was intending to cross the border to Mozambique with the stolen car.

The police then went to look for him at SARS offices but they could not find him and they began searching the truck. Whilst removing the traditional brooms, they discovered a white Ford Ranger with a false registration number plate. Upon further probe, police found that the vehicle was reported stolen at a garage in Sandton (Gauteng) on 30 November 2020,” said Mdhluli.