Public urged to reduce electricity usage

Eskom requests has urged the public to reduce electricity usage as the power system is currently constrained.

On Thursday, 17 September the power supplier has announced that hints that possible load shedding is looming

“No load shedding is expected today and tomorrow, Eskom would like to request the public to reduce the usage of electricity as the power system is currently constrained”.

The power utility said two-generation units were forced to shut down over the past 24 hours, adding to those currently on a breakdown and planned maintenance.

“Breakdowns amount to 10 305MW of generation capacity while another 5 903MW is out on planned maintenance”.

“Should there be any significant increase in breakdowns, loadshedding may have to be implemented at short notice”.

Eskom expressed that their teams are working around the clock to return as many of these generation units to service as possible.