Slain Bontle Mashiyane | Heartbreaking 6-Year-old Send-off

Slain Bontle Mashiyane leaves South Africans heartbroken. An emotional send-off for Slain Bontle accompanied her to her resting place on Friday at Mpumalanga Village Mahhushu.

A cold winter morning filled with neighbors, political parties, and teachers of slain Bontle Mashiyane who was raped and killed by family acquaintances. The six-year-old was reported missing after murdered Hillary Gardee, the first daughter of former EFF Secretary General Godrich Gardee who was also reported missing and shortly discovered.

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Slain Bontle Mashiyane for Muti

The first suspect arrested, Collen Hlongwane (36), was recorded in a video confessing to the police how they dismembered and slain Bontle Mashiyane’s body. He told law enforcement how they removed her womb and knees.

A sangoma paid us R40 000 to kill another child for body parts and for Mashiyane we were given R20 000, R10 000 each. I don’t know the buyer but I have met his son, who told us what was needed and we gave him. Myself and another man have slaughtered three children. I don’t know how dismember the body, the other guy is the one who can do that. I kidnap only, but can’t slaughter a human being

Collen Hlongwane

Mother pens down an emotional tribute

Mashiyane was raped and brutally killed. Her mother Permission Seepane, penned down an emotional tribute to her late daughter which was read by Jabu Shabangu a family friend.

My dear daughter, you were beautiful, just like your name. You must always know that I love you. Continue to fight and reveal all those involved in your brutal murder. I was hoping for the best in you. I still don’t believe that you were taken away from me. May God give you strength to continue fighting for yourself. I will always love you

Bontle’s school lost three kids to criminals

Bontle’s school principal from Sincobile Primary School told the mourners that they have already lost two children in the same class.

Principal James Sigudla, said teachers and learners at the school are traumatised and saddened by the gruesome killing of little Bontle Mashiyane.

Sigudla said both the school and the community are concerned about the safety of other pupils, and other children in the community. He lamented that Bontle was not the first child from the school to be kidnaped and killed.

As the school we are heartbroken and shocked by Bontle’s death. We are really concerned because she’s not the first child from our school to be abducted and killed in this gruesome manner. Two children were kidnapped and killed, they were in the same class as Bontle. Even children are scared to even go to the shops. – James Sigudla (Principal)

Family spokesperson Norman Mazibane said it is heartbreaking and extremely hard for the family to accept that Bontle is no more.

When Bontle was found, we received counseling from the government before the body was brought to us, it is ahrd to accept that child died in that manner and that she is no longer with us. But we are comforted in the way that she died, so much happened in the ommunity, many children have been missing and dying. The eyes of the community were opened after her dead, finding the people who kept on stealing and mutilating children in the community. They killed the wrong blood. I hope that she will fight where ever she is and bring justice to all the cases – Mazibane.

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