SRD R350 payment to be reconsidered for declined applicants

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) in Mpumalanga has urged applicants who have been declined not to be discouraged because the Agency is implementing a recourse and reconsideration process for declined applicants.

The department says the special SRD for COVID 19 of R350 as from June to 03 July in Mpumalanga had successfully paid 256, 660 with a total amount of R89, 841, 500. 00 and applications 324, 765 approved still to be paid. SRD special COVID 19 is targeting unemployed and applicants are verified through UIF, GEPF, NASFAS, COIDA, Department of Home Affairs, and SARS to ascertain the status of no income or no assistance from the government. If found otherwise the application is not approved.

According to the department, the grant will run until October 2020 and applications are still received SASSA has further advised applicants to uterlise its official communication platforms to avoid scams that are circulating on social media and to get accurate information.

A dedicated email address has been set-up with dedicated staff to respond to these mails: [email protected].