The suspect in connection with Hillary Gardee’s murder has been arrested

Police in Mbombela Mpumalanga has arrested the suspect in connection with Hillary’s murder.

The police said that the breakthrough was made by the police in connection with Hillary Gardee’s murder on Friday, 06 May 2022.

The 28-year-old went missing on Friday and her body was found on the Lydenburg road just outside Mbombela on Tuesday.

“Up to so far, we managed to arrest one male suspect at Schoemansdal in Nkomazi within the 72-hours that we were given. We believe that we have the right suspect and we are looking forward to making more arrests as the investigation continues”. said the police.

“The team showed dedication and worked relentlessly where they spent sleepless nights for days without being distracted from their goal which was to crack the murder case. On Friday, 06 May 2022 they sniffed out a 39-year-old man from his hiding place in Schoemansdal,” said the police in a statement.

Police spokesperson Conole Donald Mdluli said amidst the hurdles and pressure that the team went through as the nation and the world watched them with anticipation, the police in blue proved that they were equal to the task.

“They skillfully and professionally carried out their duties from the onset when the body was discovered outside Nelspruit, following all the trail of evidence up to a point where the investigation led them to the arrest of the suspect,” said Mdluli.

The male suspect is facing a murder charge and more charges could be added against him as the investigation proceeds.

He is expected to appear before the Nelspruit Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 09 May 2022. Police are adamant that more arrests could be made in connection with the case.

“We also want to thank the public for their overwhelming support and encouragement as we toiled since we began working on this case. We were never derailed but our joy will be fulfilled when justice is served and every person that had a hand in the murder of Hillary Gardee is brought to book” he said.

Yesterday, the police revealed that Hillary Gardee’s family said she was shot execution-style and allegedly forced to withdraw R1, 300 before she died.

Meanwhile, the funeral service of the late Hillary Gardee took place at a church on the hill in Kamagugu outside Mbombela this today.